Aggressive Play - Strategy for Winning at Poker

There are lots of poker players in the world, but only some of them know how to play aggressive poker play. If you want to become a master in aggressive poker, then you need to know how to be brave all the time. To become one, you need to always practice your poker skills by continuously playing poker.

Aggressive Player VS. Loose Passive Players

The first thing that you need to do is to memorize the number of hands you have played at pre flop so you can start to play fewer hands and tighten the flop. You need to play at least 15% of the hands, you use for pre flop and fold 50% on flop. It is important to stick to this rule. You can go to different websites that can help you track poker hands. Aside from thinking about your poker hands and strategy, you also need to know your opponents. Actually, there are different kinds of aggressive poker players.

Newcomers or newbies in the game of poker play the opposite way and they are called loose passive. These kinds of players will constantly bet and they rarely win because their skills are still low. Most of them win because of pure luck. If you are a serious player and playing with this kind of players, then they can mess up your strategy and you can lose lots of chips to these loose players.

Types of Aggressive Players

You also need to know that there are two types of aggressive players and they are the tight and the loose aggressive players. The tight passive player only play for big hands, but they tend to avoid raising and betting too much. They can also win the game using this strategy. The loose aggressive player will play lots of hands and they also bet and raise a lot. With this strategy they can lose lots of hands and they are the first players to go out of the game. It means that they will lose all their chips earlier.

Tight players are players you see in professional tournaments. These players are betting huge and they win big. They always win huge pots because of their tight strategy. They can bluff and other players are used to them so they will just assume that they hold bigger hands and fold theirs, no matter how great their hand is. A tight aggressive player must know when they should fold their hand. It does not mean that you always need to re-raise someone. If you believe that someone is really winning, then you must ditch your hand. If you will use continuation bet, you will know early on if there is any player who has a connection to the flop.

You can outplay beginners and prevent them from ruining your strategy. It is important that you practice all the time because this will make you a better poker player. You can practice for free, play poker to win money or join a tournament to hone your skill as a player and master aggressive play.

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