Poker Lingo - Common Phrases to Know

Poker uses a variety of terms for players to learn and understand. These terminologies are commonly used in this game. It is necessary for new players to learn these terms and be able to grasp what the other players and the dealer is talking about. There are also phrases that are used in this game. The following are the common terms used in poker:

Action: this is the term popularly used to tell that it is the player’s turn. The dealer may remind a player by saying “Your action sir”, when the player fails to realize it’s his turn to make a move. Action may also mean bets or raises.

Ante: it may refer to a small percentage of a bet given by each player to grow a pot at the start of a poker hand.

Ace High: this is the term used to tell that a straight or flush ranks high because of the ace.

Aces Full: this is a poker hand that features a full house of three aces and another smaller combination.

Bluff: To bet using an inferior poker hand with high hopes that the other players will fold.

Blind: In Texas Hold’em, this is the counterpart of ante, which is the partial bet.

Board: Also used in Hold’em, this means all the shared or community cards of the game.

Bot: It refers to the program used in online poker. It is short for robot.

Buy-In: this is the amount you pay when joining a tournament. It is usually comprised of two amounts, the first gets into the pot money and the second to the house.

Check: it means that you will not bet or you will pass during your turn.

Community cards: the shared cards in the middle of the poker table.

Heads-Up: tournament that involves only two players competing against each other.

Hole Cards: these are cards first shown to you which other players are not allowed to see.

Hand: In poker, it is a set of five cards ranked in proper order to determine the winner

Kicker: In a poker hand, it is the card used to determine the winner in case of tie.

Pair: combination of cards with the same rank, such as two aces or two kings.

Pot: collected money or bets

Quads: 4 cards with similar rank, such as 4kings

Set: 3 cards of similar rank

Steal: to force other player to show his cards when you don’t have the best set or hand.

Short-stacked: refers to small stack of poker chips available

These are only a few common terms used in the game of poker. If you would like to know more terms, you can study them at poker glossary websites or learn all the others by constant playing. As you continue playing, you can practice your skills in playing and come across more poker terms. It is better to learn about these words during the actual play for you to understand their meanings easier. You can also observe an actual play and remember unfamiliar other words.

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