Different Types of Poker Tournaments

Freeze outs and Rebuy are the two major types of poker tournaments according to poker info. In case you are playing free online poker tournament at online casino, you need to adopt a tighter policy. All the players are given equal number of chips and you are in the game as long as you have your chips.

Rebuy tournament

In case of Rebuy tournament, there are generally three levels, but it can be more or less in some cases also. You need to buy Rebuy chips while playing in the tournament. In some tournaments, the original buy is higher than a rebuy whereas some tournaments provide rebuy in a limited number.  After the rebuy period gets over, you can add on by buying an extra amount of chips.

Actually, a rebuy tournament is more beneficial to the casino than the players. Usually, these tournaments are played if the total prize money is guaranteed by the casino house. The participants generally adopt a looser policy in a rebuy tournament and look out to build up a huge stack as long as the rebuy period exists. Rebuy tournaments are of various types and if you wish to play one, first you need to learn about it and then register.

According to the duration of the levels, four different types of tournaments are played on an average. The tournament length is dependent on the type of the poker game, number of players involved and the chips amount that the players get at initial stage. In case of small casinos, the duration of tournaments is generally fast and lasts around 4-5 hours. The duration of different levels of the tournament is 20 mins or less. Tournaments of medium level generally take place for around 8 hours and the duration of the levels are 30-40 mins. Longer tournaments can take two days time to get over. In the first day, 10-12 hours of the game is played and on the second day, the final table or the last two tables are played.

No Limit Hold'em for the tournament

The levels played on the final table are generally longer and might take 4-8 hours to get over. Each level of the championship tournaments last for around 2 hours and it takes around 3-7 days to complete those tournaments. Different casinos use different poker games in the tournaments, but the most popular game is No Limit Hold em. If you want to play a tournament, you have to provide the buy-in amount. Some casinos charge extra admission charge along with the buy-in. If you want to enjoy free poker tournaments, then you can try online tournaments or local Casino/ Poker room.

In case of bigger tournaments, you need to pay admission charge that goes to the casino or website to run the tournament. Single table satellites or SNG are one of the important varieties that enable a player a possibility to get a seat in the bigger buy in tournament. Players generally play for the first, second, or third place and get cash as an alternative of a seat. Multi-table satellites and super satellites are also of different varieties. If you choose to play super satellite, you have to compete for a tournament seat to get a chance to try your hands in the bigger buy in tournaments at a fewer expensive admission fee.

The above discussion should be able to provide you with the basic idea of the tournament structures. You can definitely find a suitable tournament to try to play winning poker. There are several online poker websites where you can access freeroll tournaments or 1 dollar tournaments. Playing tournaments give a great high as the excitement of winning is immense.

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