Playing Double or Nothing Online Poker Tournaments

Online poker tournaments at casino establishments such as JackpotCity have always been popular – and the Double or Nothing tournaments in particular have become even more popular in recent times. If played strategically, this tournament can even be very lucrative to players. Players need to achieve a very tight play style in order to be successful at this style tournament.

The goal of this game is certainly not to be first, but to eventually beat more than half of the players. You have to scare off your competition with a big bet if you hit the flop with any hand as you don’t want anyone drawing you out.

You will be safe in all accounts if you do manage to double up your chip stack. When you are able to maintain a large chip lead you should start to play extremely tight with only Kings and Aces. There really is no reason why you should even risk your chips on anything else. Remember that being first won’t ultimately affect how much you win.

Should you not be able to double up your chip stack then it is time to make your more. Wait until you have a good hand or a big blind. Chances are that you’ll have a high percentage of your chip stack involved if you have a big blind and you shouldn’t even have to look at your hand should the blind be more than 20% of your overall chip amount.

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