Poker Cheats Help to Beat the Odds

Through the years, gamblers tried a lot of ways to beat the odd. Many people tried their own methods that will provide them with an advantage, but in more cases that methods which will help them not to lose all money. Poker is a game of trick. Controlling the card is not hard to do, there are just few methods involved to do card manipulation. Learning the cheats can be of help to you in terms of beating the odds, especiall when you play at traditional casino.

Cards That Are Marked

Marked cards are easily identified, though there are specially manufactured cards with marks, one of the typical methods of cheating is to scratch the cards while playing. Marking of a card can be done in a lot of ways but one of the best ways is through placing a pin spot into the card. It can be done by clasping the card amid the thumb and the forefinger. Marking of cards can be done at the corners of the card by dirty marks, grease and others. You can find marked cards at live poker games a lot of times. To lessen the effect of patented cards into the game, just ask for burn cards whenever you play poker. A lot of times, players prefer the deck in square on the desk and not extent out because these cards were already exposed.

Cold Deck of Cards

It’s known as a pre-arranged deck of card that will also bring cheat into a game. There may be 2-3 hands stacked. This deck may also be shuffled and deal the winning hand too. By using an organized level of card, the cheat will make sure the victim has a very decent hand, and not as worthy as his. This type of cheat requires a good skill and the deck of card should be pre-arranged few times afore the game starts.

Deceitful Shuffling

Because cold deck is not a good method for cheating, thus another method is the stacking which can be done through an ordinary shuffling method. During this method, specific cards should be shuffled in a right place in the deck. Let’s say, it’s a 5 handed game of poker, the dealer has 2 Aces at the top of the deck, he will now push through in performing a simple shuffle overhand. In this process, the cheat has just divided the Aces by running 4 cards between them. Cheating using the riffle shuffling method is very hard, though it’s still possible to do it require good skill and practice as well to do it without flaws.

Poker cheating is naturally a behavior of playing outside the rules of the game. It can be done in a lot of ways and using different devices too especially for those who use poker as a means of livelihood. Cheats may be done alone or it can also be done by a group depending on the type of cheat. Cheating in poker is very popular in various parts of the world these days since it’s easier to learn now than before.

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