Poker Hands Rankings to Keep in Mind

When people think of poker games, they associate it with gun fights and Wild West. During those times, poker was a very popular past time. It is also this time, when poker is experiencing popularity. This is the day when you can watch poker tournaments on television. This is something that is not present in the past. Aside from that, there is a boom in online poker and many poker players are starting to play poker inside their own home. There are lots of things going on in a game of poker that a first time player must be aware of. The foundation of poker is the hands that are involved within the game. This article will make you aware about poker hands and help you make your way in winning a poker game.

Poker Hands

Royal flush- this card ranks the highest of all ranks you can get in a poker game. It also refers to jack, straight, ace, queen and king.

Straight Flush- this is the next one on the list and it is the collection of cards in a sequence with the same kind. For this set, an Ace is considered as low card and it can be used to complete a hand with 2 to 5 for as long as it has similar value.

Four of a kind- this is a set of cards within similar rank. Each can complete a standard suit of deck of cards. The 5th card will be the highest. In case there are more than two people with this hand, then the last one will decide who will win.

Full House- this is a hand with 2 cards, one is three and the other one is two, which has the similar rank. It does not require any order. You can have a hand as far as seven to Queen and it will be counted. If there is more than one player with the same set, the winner will be chosen according to the ranking of first set that is composed of 3.

Flush- this hand involves set of cards with similar cards with same suit without any order. For example, if you have cards composed of 3, 5, 6, 10, and Queen, it can still be called as flush. If there are more players with a similar hand, then the winner is the one with the highest value.

Straight- this is a set of 5 cards in a sequential rank but belongs to different suit. To know which straight is better, the values of the cards are compared. If there are two similar straight, then the prize is split into two. It is important to remember that an Ace for this hand can become a high or low card.

Three of a kind- this hand does not have the lowest value, but this is the least favorable hand. This is a set of 5 cards with three similar denomination and the two cards are unpaired. Just like four of a kind, kickers will determine which set dominates.

Knowing different poker hands are very important if you want to become a master of poker.

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