Poker Tournaments - Types and Features

In the world of poker, no career is ever more colorful and fulfilling without joining any poker tournament. There are many variations when it comes to tournaments just as poker has a lot of variations as well. Tournaments may involve as few as two players to as many as thousands of players. The winner is the one who gets away with all the chips, while some tournaments rank players on the basis of the time of their elimination.

When you decide to join a tournament, you will be asked to pay a fixed amount called a buy-in. This includes the amount to be placed in the pot and a portion for the house. There are various rules that may be applied depending on the kind of tournament you are participating. But most tournaments use the same structure and system.

Elimination tournament

An elimination tournament is the most common type of online tournament in poker. Most tournaments are structured using this principle. Here, every player starts with a particular amount of chips. The game continues until all the other players are eliminated and only one player collected all the chips. This kind of poker tournament is also used on regular casino poker tournament.

Shootout tournament

Shootout tournament is another type of poker tournament which is a branch of the elimination tournament. In this type, players are also grouped at the start of the tournament and all the players who have won on each table are grouped to compete for the final round. Like the elimination principle, the winner is the one who does not get eliminated and gets all the chips.

Rebuy tournament

Rebuy tournaments is also a form of poker tournament wherein a player can choose to rebuy chips at a time when he lost all the chips he had during the start of the tournament. Players are not afraid to be eliminated in between the competition because he can be allowe3d to buy chips. In the end of this tournament, players can go home with more money in the pot because of the “rebuy” process.

Other tournaments

One type of tournament that is growing in popularity is the satellite tournaments wherein a tournament is divided into a preliminary tournament and a main event. The winner on the small round gets to the main event, just like joining qualifying tournaments to qualify for a main tournament such as World Poker Tour.

Texas Hold’em holds the best spot in terms of popularity for poker. This type of poker celebrates two main tournaments that are famous in the world. This is the World Poker Tour and World Series of Poker. These two competitions finish with two millionaires each year. Before being qualified to join any of these two competitions, players are first required to win in the qualifying games. Online players can also join through satellite tournaments. There are many sites that can allow you to do so. Before joining one, be sure to check if they are an approved qualifying site. Most players who are hooked to poker would dream of getting to any or both of these acclaimed tournaments.

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