Poker Rules - Changes in Game Running

In any poker room that you choose to play in around the country, you will find it confusing that the rules of the game are always different.  Available researches and poker info shows it and approves that players can face a problem of different rules in the same games. Unfortunately, there should be a standard set of rules for poker, but that is just not the case.  Many poker players have come up with their own unique spin on the rules of the game, but most of them are of absolutely no use to novice poker players.

There is one man that is leading the charge to change this total injustice.  His name is Mike Caro.  He is trying to get the casino’s to implement some permanent rules in the game of poker.  Recently three casinos out in California have made some standardized rules for the game of poker at their establishments.  The heads of those casinos got together, and made a list of rules.  They made Mike to review them, and he liked them.  Of course, they had left out two rules that he took it upon himself to add.  Even though they did not ask for him to change any of their rules, they agreed to keep one of his suggestions in the rule book.

Rule # 19

The rule that Mike created was called number nineteen.  It said that “Management can not play in the poker games, and they do not have any control over private bets, side bets among players, or the distribution of winning profits”.   It took a lot of consideration, before they agreed to give up that much control. Nevertheless it was added into the final draft of the rules.

Mike Caro has his own rules in mind.  He has perfected his plan many times over.  One of the rules that he was trying to get added to a list of standard rules is that poker should be an individual sport, not a team effort.  In his opinion it should be outlawed in the world series of poker, for players to split their chips, and gang up on one player, in order to get them out of the game.  There is simply nothing worse than cheaters in a game of poker.  Everyone at the table should have the same advantages to play winning poker.

No for Side Bets

He also believed that side bets should not be allowed in a championship game.  If you are playing in a professional poker game, side betting is not appropriate.  It is distracting to you, and the other players at your table.  Showing a little class is always favorable.

For all of the rules that he was trying to establish, there are also a few that he did not agree with.  If you have a great hand, and the player in front of you goes all in with a bigger chip stack than you have, they will get aggravated with you.  Mike could care less..  Everyone at the table has the same right to play every hand.  After all this is a free country.  The worst rule that is implemented into poker at several casinos is the play line.  This makes bluffing impossible, and defeats the whole enjoyment process of poker.  If you cross the line, then you have to get in even if you do not want to.  That rule is a total embarrassment to the game of poker.

Common Rules for All Games

Until the poker big wigs can agree on a standardized system of rules, confusion is going to mount among players.  Hopefully it will not take much longer, for the trend to catch on in the world of poker. Note that most of online casino poker games have the same set of rules, besides you can play free online poker.

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