Strip Poker - for Adults Only

Strip poker is the most exciting poker variant and it can be played by anyone who is 18 and above years of age. You will find both male and female playing this game. Some college students are also playing strip poker all over the world. This is a popular weekend and party game. Adults are more into playing this type of poker as it brings not only excitement from the game play, but also some tension. There are people playing this game at home or inside their own rooms for comfort and for privacy.

Origin of Strip Poker

You might be interested in knowing the origin of this type of poker. Actually, there is not much information about its history, but it started to gain popularity during 1900’s. Students started playing it and adults up from age thirty and above. The date of its introduction into the world of poker is still unknown. There are rumors saying that group of females playing poker removed their piece of clothing one by one as they lost their money. Some believed that strip poker came first before betting with money.

Why Do People Play Strip Poker

There are different explanations why people chose to play stripped poker across the globe. Some enjoy playing this poker game with their friends as a way to have fun. Some played in the evening after drinking some alcohol when everybody gets tipsy. Some people play strip poker because of sexual intention. The main intention here is not the game itself.

Strip Poker Peculiarities

There are rules in strip poker just like a regular poker game. The main rule of this poker is to take out their clothes whenever they will lose the game. The winner of the poker game will see their friends naked or half naked. This is the prize of the game. There is no money involved in this game because it is purely fun and entertainment.

The best of this kind is may be Texas Hold'em Strip poker. Right after a hand ended, the defeated player will take one piece of his or her clothing. When there is someone who is already completely naked, then he or she should wear clothes again after this next game round will start all over again. The worst player will end up being naked, so some invite their friends with little experience in playing poker game. It is important that you learn the basic of poker prior to accepting any invitation to join a strip poker. This is considered as legal for as long as you are all consenting adults and you play in private places.

You must play this type of poker game indoor like home, apartment or dorm. Conservative individuals do not want to expose their bodies live but if you are, and then you can join strip poker online. You can do it with your close friends and refrain from joining unfamiliar group for your safety. This is a very fun and exciting game that anyone can try. Sometimes it is good to let yourself lose and get wild with strip poker. This is the only poker game that will not give you any pressure.

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