Texas Hold'em Poker - Game Description

Hold'em Poker, also known as Texas Hold’em Poker, is another form of a standard poker card game. It involves having 5 community cards faced up, two faced down cards, and a set of three and two more cards where players can check, bet, fold or raise after every deal. Like other variations of poker, the players compete to collect all the pot money by combining the best hand of cards. Every player has chance to control the amount of pot money by making the right bets, raise, fold or call.

History Overview

Hold'em Poker traces its roots from Robstown, Texas as early as 1900s. It was later introduced to Las Vegas in 1967 by a group led by Crandell Addington. It was first called Hold’em, as it was played strategically by holding four times. The first poker room that held poker for many years was Golden Nugget Casino. At first it didn’t get as much attention until it was moved to another location, until several attempts were made to introduce the game outside Nevada. Today Texas Hold’em is still considered as a popular poker game. It started surging in the 2000s because of media exposure. It was even hailed as the most common US casino game, replacing Seven-card Stud. It also brought about launches of books that teach strategies of play and continues to enjoy popularity even outside the US. Popularity has also led to development of online poker as well as exposure in film and television.

Variations of Texas Hold’em Poker

Online Hold'em gave others the chance to play anonymously and cheaply. It was also widely supported because various online Hold'em games supported qualifying to the WSOP of World Series of Poker. Hold'em has three variations, namely limit, no-limit and pot-limit. Limit hold’em is considered to be the most popular among the three and is done in most live casino games in America. The No-limit Hold’em is used in most television tournaments and is also the one used in WSOP main event. Hold'em begins by dealing 2 cards faced down for each player. The player in the small blind receives the first card while the one in the button seat receives the last card. These two cards are called pocket cards, as they will only be revealed by showdown. These are also the only cards that the player receives individually.

The game, in general, involves complexity that several academes considered developing programs that use the game’s principles. Similar games include Royal Hold’em, Omaha Hold’em, Double Board Hold’em and Double Texas Hold’em. In Australia, they use a variation called Manila which has several variations as well.

Strategy to Win

Most skilled players recommend being tight-aggressive in the game of Texas Hold'em, which means using only few hands but more raises and bets. Where a player sits is also an important factor in the game of Hold'em. Advantage goes to the player who acts later as he has more information compared to the one who plays first. Because of this, players who act first tend to play fewer hands early in the game.

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