World Series of Poker Details

Also known as WSOP, the World Series of Poker is a series of tournaments of the card game poker. It is held yearly in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada. Since 2005, Caesar’s Entertainment, formerly known as Harrah’s Entertainment, sponsors WSOP. This series started out in 1970 when a famous American casino owner and poker enthusiast invited seven of the most popular professional poker players to join a single tournament in the Horseshoe Casino. Here, a start and stop time is set and the winner is judged through a secret ballot.

WSOP Prizes

Today, every winner in an event earns a WSOP bracelet and prize money. The amount is depends on the number of participants and the total buy-in. Through the years, events have grown in number as well as the number of participants. A poker player can win a much desired bracelet and millions of dollars after a main event. The lucky winner in the main event will also earn the World Champion of Poker title. As of this year, the World Series of Poker includes 61 events that feature most variations of poker. But recently, the Texas Hold'em dominates other variations, comprising about half of the total number of events. Events happen on a day or more consecutively on the months of June and July. But in 2008, the main event extends until November. This year’s WSOP begins October 28 due to the scheduled US presidential race.

First Steps

The idea of having a World Series of Poker started way back 1969 when Tom Moore, a Texan, sponsored an event at the Holiday Hotel and Casino. This event hailed Crandell Addington as the champion. But Benny Binion was behind the tournaments in WSOP, the first ever WSOP included 5 cash games and Texas Hold'em. The following year the main event included only the Texas Hold'em poker, which brought Johnny Moss as the winner and eventually elected as the World Champion of Poker and was rewarded a silver cup. Eventually, WSOP tournaments were held at Harrah-owned properties in the US. Each site features $10,000 buy-in and players who become qualified also becomes eligible to the Tournament of Champions.

WSOP All Over the World

The main event of the World Series of Poker has been the No Limit Texas Hold'em poker with a $10,000 buys in since 1971. The winners bring home the highest prize and a gold bracelet plus the recognition, but s/he is not yet the official World Champion since there are some who argued that the highest distinction, or the World Champion, must be given to the winner of the Pot-Limit Hold'em. In addition to the World Champion, WSOP added another award called the Player of the Year, which was given to the competitor who got the highest accumulated points in WSOP. The seniors, Casino Employee and Ladies events are not counted in this award. In 2007, the WSOP expanded outside Las Vegas, which paved the way for an expansion in Europe called WSOPE in which E stands for Europe. Since previous year, WSOPE takes place in Cannes, France.

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